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About the Artists

Ashley and Victoria Picott are mixed media artists who live and work between Houston and Dallas, Texas. Victoria is a native of Trenton, New Jersey, while Ashley grew up in various locales as a military brat.

Growing up, Ashley was exposed to all different types of art. Her grandmother was an amazing artist. She used to draw portraits of her all the time. Her grandmother had more drawings of Ashley than pictures. Ashley loved her grandmother’s use of BOLD colors and shading, which made her work look so life-like. Her father, who introduced her to art, was an excellent artist who specialized in charcoal drawing. Both her father and grandmother were a catalyst for Ashley’s interest in art!

Ashley traveled with her father in the Army and then in her own Army career. Art helped her cope with moving so frequently and volatile home life. Growing up alone, it was the one constant she always had that quiet some of the noise. Once Ashley joined the military, she got away from her art. After years in the military and in wartime, Ashley had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from her time in service and childhood. She started using her art as a form of therapy.

When Victoria was a kid, she spent most of her time outdoors playing, running, jumping, and staying active. She grew up in Trenton, NJ, the youngest of seven. When things got a little hectic at home, she went outside and, most of the time, ended up on the basketball court. Eventually, she found basketball to be her happy place. “When I am engaged in basketball, absolutely nothing else matters. Basketball is my therapy, my Home!”

Victoria spent the better part of her life as a Division 1 Women’s Basketball Coach. She was entrusted with being a servant leader, educator, and mentor to young women of all ages. “After 25+ years of coaching, the most rewarding moment is when you see ‘that light go on’ and witnessing that young lady’s confidence and growth”. However, right when The Pandemic hit, Victoria was fired from coaching, the one thing she dedicated half of her life to.

Victoria’s world was turned upside down, and she did not know what to do next. The Pandemic was and still is, taking jobs and taking lives. Victoria’s wife, Ashley, suggested they start painting together. After about a month of doing nothing and feeling just a bit sorry for herself, Victoria figured, “What the heck?” She might as well try.

Victoria and Ashley are now fortunate to have people not only LIKE their work but purchase it. You read that right…PURCHASE their work! Painting has been such a release, and neither Ashley nor Victoria know what they would do without it. Art serves as their new HAPPY PLACE! So, thank all that have encouraged and supported Art Odae, in more ways than one. Ashley and Victoria look forward to creating special pieces that hopefully bring a little joy to this world!